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2,025 parking violations were caught for people with disabilities and tips for driving in the rain in Saudi Arabia – Cars, the first Arab car website

Cars – Traffic in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the implementation of new field campaigns. These campaigns included implementing a field campaign to control vehicles parked in places designated for people with disabilities.

Various traffic departments in various regions of the Kingdom seized 2,025 violating vehicles. The violations included stopping in places designated for people with disabilities. This came as part of the ongoing field work carried out by traffic departments in all regions of the Kingdom to control violating vehicles. It called on the traffic departments in the Kingdom to cooperate and adhere to the rules contained in the traffic system.

In another context, Saudi traffic warned against vehicles slipping during rain. Traffic said that vehicles sliding during rain occurs due to the lack of tire grip and stability at speeds during rain.

Traffic explained that at low speed, the tire’s contact with the road is direct. At medium speeds, the communication rate is simple, and at high speeds it is almost non-existent.

He emphasized the need for safe driving during rain to avoid accidents and maintain safety through:
Slow down and slow down.
Make sure to use spaces.
Maintaining a sufficient safety distance from other vehicles.
Use warning signals in case of poor visibility.

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