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A $50,000 fine for selling a new Tesla Cybertruck in the first year of ownership! – Al-Murabba Net

Al-Murabba Net – After its launch for the first time in 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck faced many problems that caused production operations to falter more than once, and after more than 4 years have passed since its first unveiling, it appears that Tesla has finished developing the test truck and will set a date for deliveries. The first for customers at the end of this November.

As expected, Tesla did, like many other brands, and added a condition that allows it to impose a fine of $50,000 when trying to sell the new electric truck during the first year without requesting permission from Tesla and giving it the opportunity to buy it back.

Tesla Cybertruck, Al Muraba Net

Terms of sale of the new Tesla Cybertruck

The new Tesla Cybertruck order agreement stipulates that owners who wish to sell their trucks during the first year cannot do so for an unforeseen reason, and must notify Tesla in writing and give the American brand a reasonable time to purchase the truck again from its owner at its sole discretion, and in the event that Tesla refuses Buying the truck, the owner will be able to sell it to a third party, but only after obtaining Tesla’s approval.

If an owner violates this agreement, he will be subject to a fine of $50,000, and Tesla may seek to prevent the transfer of ownership of this truck, in addition to prohibiting this person from purchasing any future vehicle from Tesla.

Tesla Cybertruck, Al Muraba Net

The reason for banning the sale of Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla is not the first brand to make a similar decision, as many brands make similar decisions to ensure that the first vehicles reach those who deserve them, but not only for trade. Usually, a one-year ban is imposed on the car, and if the agreement is violated, the seller will be banned. Than to buy a brand new car again.

Tesla did not mention whether this rule will be in effect for the entire production of the Cybertruck or will be applicable to the first trucks that are characterized by exclusivity for their time in addition to the low chassis number, but this decision will certainly upset many people who want to make some profits from selling this unique truck.

Tesla Cybertruck, Al Muraba Net Tesla Cybertruck, Al Muraba Net

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