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A strong return of the SOKON brand to Algeria with seven models – Live Cars

Next week, Algeria will witness a strong return of the SOKON “Skoon” light truck brands, receiving the first batch of trucks on November 10 and November 17.

Al-Nahar website revealed that the brand will market utility cars only this year, with a total of 7 models, awaiting the inclusion of the tourist car package in 2024.

The same sources revealed that the official launch of the brand will be at the end of November, and the Socon Algeria quota for the year 2023 is estimated at 7,200 cars.

Automotive experts in Algeria have confirmed that the huge number of cars and vehicles of various types is considered the beginning of a market breakthrough. In terms of availability and price. But according to them, the obstacle remains that the import process is complex and long.

As you know, the national market witnessed the entry of a huge amount of cars, vehicles and motorcycles during the current year. Algeria will receive 180,233 vehicles for a total amount of approximately $2 billion, specifically $1,909,008,459.

As for utility and tourist cars, the market witnessed the entry of 120,554 cars, distributed as follows: 44,433 utility and tourist cars from the “Fiat” brand. “Geely” 39,031 tourist cars, “Chery” 10,090 tourist cars, “JAC” 7,000 tourist and utility cars. “Opal” 4000 tourist. “Citroen” 5000 utility and tourist vehicles, “Soccon” 7000 utility and tourist vehicles, Dfsk 4000 utility vehicles.

Regarding the truck category, 3,546 heavyweight trucks will enter the market. 2500 Sinoturk, 600 Daewoo, 253 MAN, 105 Zoomlion, and 88 Motors Algeria.

As for motorcycles, their number is 53,541. 29334 “Lifan”, “SYM” 8578, “Okinawa” brand 12699 bicycles, “SAM” brand 2250 bicycles.

From the mobile machinery and tractors category, 2,582 vehicles will enter Algeria. 1,745 “Xing Kong” mobile vehicles, 102 from the “Fumatrap” organization, 152 “Hydromac” vehicles, 527 agricultural tractors from the “ccttk” organization, and 56 vehicles from the “Digital Mega Store” organization.

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