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Algerians get rid of the Chinese car complex – Cars Live

The Chinese car in Algeria has always been considered a low-end car with cheap quality, many breakdowns, and little resistance to difficult conditions with a weak engine, and whoever buys it does so out of cheap prices.

But this view has changed since the recent entry of new cars into Algeria by authorized dealers, such as Geely and Chery cars, which have turned into successful cars even in European markets due to modern design and equipment supported by the finest types of technology. What has increased Algerians’ admiration for these cars is the competitive prices, especially for cars. Chery, which launched for the first time in years a new car for less than 200 million cents.

The latest news issued by Chery Algeria indicates that its cars witnessed great demand from citizens, even before the start of receiving customer orders, as Algerians flocked from various states that contain Chery showrooms to ask about the availability of cars for sale, especially the Chery Pro2, which was offered at a price less than 200 million, which shows that the Algerians have finally gotten rid of the Chinese car complex, and with the Ministry of Industry granting many import licenses to Chinese brands, the market in 2024 will be full of Chinese brands, as Chery decided to import 50 thousand cars and Geely 40 thousand cars, in addition to Chinese car factories in Algeria. Which will create abundance and destroy prices.

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