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ATEX Robotrac is an all-new electric truck to compete with the Tesla Cybertruck –

Al Murabaa Net – Electric cars have provided a golden opportunity for many companies to join the global competition in the automobile industry, and there are many brands that have begun to appear during the recent period with new electric vehicles with unusual designs, such as the all-new ATEX Robotrac truck.

Etex is an emerging brand in the electric vehicle industry. It presented to us the all-new Robottruck truck for the first time at the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show in the United States, which quickly caught all the attention as we are now waiting for the launch of the Tesla Cybertruck within days, but we did not expect to see a truck. Electric is similar to this degree.

Etex Robotrac, Al Muraba Net

Specifications of the all-new ATEX Robotrac

ATEX indicates that the new Robotrac truck will have a range of approximately 885 kilometers per charge, with sporty performance that provides acceleration from rest to 96 km/h within 3.5 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 265 km/h, with options for a rear-wheel drive system and another with a pair of motors. Electric all-wheel drive.

ATEX also revealed that the Robotrac electric truck will be offered in a length ranging between 4,775-5,029 mm, with a width of 1,945 mm, and the length of the rear box will be approximately 1,895 mm, which can be increased to 2,896 mm after opening the door that connects the cockpit and the rear box of the truck.

Etex Robotrac, Al Muraba Net

The all-new ATEX Robotrac is supposed to reach the market by 2025 and is scheduled to be offered at a price starting from 45 thousand dollars to 99 thousand dollars (168.7-371 thousand riyals before taxes) for the most equipped version, in addition to opening the doors for reservations at the present time for 100 dollars. .

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