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Car prices decline starting from December – Cars Live

With the increasing pace of importing cars, specialists herald a decline in prices, the achievement of abundance, and the beginning of competition between agents to offer competitive prices to attract customers.

In this context, Fadi Tamim, the national coordinator of the National Organization for Consumer Protection, revealed expectations that the price of cars in Algeria will decrease by 15 percent starting next December.

Tamim said in a statement to the “Khabar Press” website that the entry of significant quantities of cars during the last hours, starting from the Italian Fiat, passing through the Chinese JAC and Opel, which is under the management of the Stellantis Group, in addition to the approaching date for the entry of Geely vehicles and the beginning of the manufacture of Algerian Fiat cars in Oran next December, will reduce Vehicle prices ranged between 10 and 15 percent, and this decrease includes the prices of used cars offered in the markets.

Fadi Tamim says that the relatively high prices of imported Chinese cars are due to several reasons, including the rise in maritime transport prices, the rise in the value of the euro and the dollar despite the stability witnessed by the Algerian dinar in recent months, not to mention the rise in vehicle prices on the international market, stressing: “No agent can He may sell his vehicles at a low price or incur losses by offering cars at a price less than 200 million cents compared to his expenses, expenses, and the cost of the vehicle.

It is expected that the end of the current year will witness great activity in the car market, according to the spokesman, as at least 4 brands will start selling, namely Fiat, JAC, Geely and Opel, not to mention the start of production at the level of the Oran factory, that is, the production of “Algerian Fiat.” All of this will increase, says the spokesman, the competitiveness of the car market, adding: “After all brands officially announce their prices next month, the Consumer Protection Association may write to the Ministries of Trade and Industry in the event that unfair prices for vehicles are recorded in the Algerian market, and we will not accept monopoly or exaggeration.” In the price.

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