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Carlos Ghosn was evicted from the mansion where he lives in Beirut, which Nissan bought for $19 million – Cars, the first Arab car website

Cars – A judge in Lebanon ordered former Renault and Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn to vacate the house where he had lived for the past four years after fleeing Japan.

Ghosn had violated Japanese bail conditions and fled the country on a private plane, hiding in an audio equipment bag. He arrived in Lebanon years ago, where he lived in a huge property worth $19 million in Beirut. Unfortunately for him and his wife, an order was issued to vacate the building within a month on October 16.

Reports said that Ghosn does not own the house. Instead, it is registered with the Lebanese company Phoinos Investment, and the company sued Ghosn for residing there in 2019. The company claims he is “trespassing on private property.”

Ghosn confirmed that Phoinos Investment was affiliated with Nissan and that “the property was purchased for his residence, and there is an agreement signed with Nissan granting him the right to reside.”

However, the judge points out that Ghosn only occupied the house “pursuant to a contractual relationship” between him and Nissan, and that the end of his relationship with Nissan invalidates the “legal basis” for his residence in the palace. Ghosn’s lawyer confirmed that he appealed the decision and that his appeal would be supported by documents from Japan that were not available during previous hearings.

Ghosn was originally accused of financial misconduct in Japan in 2018, but has remained on the offensive since fleeing at the end of 2019. Earlier this year, the 69-year-old filed a lawsuit with Lebanon’s Court of Cassation accusing Nissan, Two other companies and 12 individuals were charged with libel, slander, fabrication of evidence, and other crimes. He is seeking $588 million in damages, plus $500 million in punitive damages.

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