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Chery offers the strongest warranty service and reassures customers – Live Cars

Ayman Chhar, Director of Chery Algeria, confirmed that Chery has introduced the strongest warranty service in Algeria, which is comprehensive insurance for a period of 7 years, which covers up to 70 percent of the car, explaining that the insurance includes the important parts of the car, including the engine and chassis, which provides consumers with comprehensive coverage. for an extended period.

Addressing concerns about the quality of Chery cars arriving in Algeria, Khater stressed that the quality of vehicles destined for Algeria is identical to the quality of Chery cars distributed throughout the world, ensuring consistent levels of strength and quality.

Bart also stressed that Chery’s return to the Algerian market is characterized by its customer-focused approach, as the company offers an innovative warranty offer for 7 years or 200,000 kilometers, which represents a significant departure from market standards, and the model lineup includes seven modern and well-equipped models. With prices starting from less than 2 million dinars, this diverse group includes the Chery Tiggo 2 Pro (crossover), Tiggo 4 Pro (SUV), Tiggo 7 Pro (grand SUV), Tiggo 8 Pro (grand SUV), Tiggo 8 Pro Max (Grand SUV), Arrizo 5 (sedan) and Arrizo 6 (Berlin).

The Chery brand manager added in his interview with Al-Nahar TV, “Among the fundamental matters of Chery’s commitment to the Algerian market is the strict sales process designed to eliminate brokers and speculators,” highlighting the uniqueness of its system, saying: “Our goal is for the car to reach the person who He uses it, not to the person who resells it, and this commitment is confirmed by the fact that the brand received 17,000 orders to buy a “Chery” car at the national level.”

Khater expressed the Chinese brand’s determination to protect Algerian consumers from speculation, highlighting by saying: “It is impossible for there to be a ‘speculator’ with us,” explaining that the focus on consumer protection is in line with Chery’s vision of ensuring that its cars reach real users instead of Subject to resale.

With the start of the direct marketing process for “Chery” in Algeria, the brand’s strict approach aims to set a new standard in the automotive industry, and enhance consumer confidence and integrity in the sales process, the spokesman adds.

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