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Chery reveals the date of launching car sales and receiving orders – Cars Live

Auto Leader Company, the official representative for marketing Chery cars in Algeria, announced that Thursday, November 23, will be the start date for receiving customer orders for its various cars.

Chery Algeria revealed 10 days ago competitive prices that are the cheapest ever in Algeria, compared to the rest of the European and Chinese brands, by providing for the first time a new car with international specifications at a competitive price of less than 200 million centimes.

The company revealed the prices of Chery cars and a range of models that will be marketed in Algeria. Before the end of 2023.

Chery’s range of cars includes models that suit the requirements of the Algerian market, at competitive prices ranging between 199 million and 500 million cents, and a 7-year warranty.

The Tiggo 8 Max 2.0 TGDI 7 DCT is considered the most powerful model of the Chery brand with a 7-speed automatic transmission. This car is offered, in Algeria, at a price of 539 million and 900.

Tiggo 8 Max… luxury and better off-road performance

The luxurious seven-seater Tiggo 8 max is powered by an available 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre turbo engine. Electronic gear shifting system and T1X platform. Which ensures better off-road performance of the car.

As for the exterior design of the car, it is equipped with front and rear LED lights and a direction indicator. A sturdy aluminum roof rack and exterior rearview mirror.

It also has many safety features and modern technologies. Which gives its occupants a comfortable and distinctive experience, such as a parking sensor and a high-quality 12.3-inch display screen.

As well as a touch screen for air conditioning and electronic parking brake. The strong car body and tire pressure sensor. Modern driver assistance system and airbags.

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