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Chinese joyear cars in Algeria starting at 200 million – Cars Live

Chinese brands still receive the lion’s share of car import licenses, and according to specialists, they will dominate the car market in Algeria in 2024.

In this context, the Chinese car brand DF Joyear obtained the final approval to import cars from the Ministry of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production.

According to Al-Nahar Online sources, the prices of DF Joyear cars will be between 200 and 500 million cents.

The same source added that the first Joyear model car, the T5 Evo, will enter Algeria in about 10 days. While the second model will be the M4 U-tour, which will enter Algeria in about a month.

With this brand, DF Joyear, Chery, Geely, DFSK, JAC and Victory become Chinese brands entering Algeria and invading the markets.

Source: Al-Nahar Online website

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