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Does the 2024 Suzuki Ciaz save you on gasoline? This is what distinguishes it

Al-Murabba Net – It is a car Suzuki Ciaz 2024 is among the economical cars that are on the list of many young people looking for a new car at a competitive price not exceeding 70 thousand riyals, provided that it comes with basic equipment that meets their aspirations.

The 2024 Suzuki Ciaz belongs to the category of small sedans, which has a graceful exterior with ideal dimensions that make it easy to drive, especially in crowded areas.

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Suzuki Ciaz 2024

Suzuki owns a number of distinguished cars in the Saudi market, most of which target those looking for economical cars. They are distinguished by their distinguished versions, reliability and few breakdowns, so they are one of the distinguished brands in the market.

Returning to the Ciaz, the car belongs to the small-sized sedan category, which is why it is ideal for many girls.

Women tend to own small cars, especially when they are starting to learn to drive. In addition, they are among the cars that are practical and can be used to complete tasks in the city to the fullest.

The 2024 Ciaz is available in the Saudi market, through the authorized local dealer Najeeb Auto, which provides various services to customers of the Japanese brand.

In this regard, the “Al Murabba Net” website presents to you in the following article the price of the Suzuki Ciaz 2024, and the specifications of the young Japanese car.

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Suzuki Ciaz 2024, Al Murabba Net

Suzuki Ciaz 2024 engine performance

Let’s start with the Japanese sedan’s performance, which is one of the car’s biggest attractions. If you’re wondering, does the 2024 Suzuki Ciaz save you on gasoline? The answer is definitely yes.

As we mentioned at the beginning, most Suzuki cars fall into the category of gasoline-efficient cars, as they are available with high fuel efficiency.

Naturally, the Ciaz is one of the cars exempt from the financial surcharge imposed by the Kingdom on cars that come with high fuel consumption.

The car is available with a 4-cylinder engine, with a multi-point injection system. Here are detailed engine specifications for the 2024 Suzuki Ciaz.

power source Internal combustion engine
Engine type petrol
Hybrid no
Number of cylinders 4
Engine Capacity 1.5 litres
Motion vector Regular automatic
Number of transmission speeds 4
Driving system Front FWD
Power 103 hp
Torque 138 Nm
Fuel efficiency 19.4 km/l
Fuel tank capacity 43 litres

What does the 2024 Suzuki Ciaz look like from the outside?

Now we will review the specifications of the small sedan. It has a modern exterior appearance that combines elegance and simplicity at the same time.

It has a graceful and flexible structure, making it the ideal choice for beginners in driving, as the Japanese manufacturer was keen to give its car elegant touches that are consistent with it being an economical car.

The car received a set of bold, prominent lines that gave the Ciaz more fluidity, and they appeared on the top of the hood and on both sides of the car.

It also combines simplicity and modernity, which we notice through the practical and attractive front of the car, which includes a modern black front grille with a chrome frame that enhances its elegance, with the famous Japanese brand logo in the middle.

While the lower grille is larger in black for a sporty, youthful touch, it is also supported by LED headlights, which enhance the bold and attractive character of the car.

Suzuki Ciaz 2024, Al Murabba Net

In addition, the headlights feature electrically adjustable and foldable exterior mirrors with turn indicators, and there are fog lamps on both sides of the lower grille that improve the driver’s vision on the road.

The car was based on 16-inch aluminum wheels, standard or optional, depending on the category. We also see modern chrome touches on the door handles, and the top category in the field provides some additional features, such as fog lights that work with LED technology.

In addition to the overhead stop lighting, which also comes from LED, the front and rear windows are electrically operated.

As for the dimensions of the Suzuki Ciaz 2023, they are as follows:

height 4490 mm
the offer 1730 mm
Height 1475 mm
Wheelbase 2650 mm
Weight of the car without passengers 1050 kg

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Suzuki Ciaz 2024, Al Murabba Net

Suzuki Ciaz 2024 colors

Despite the importance of the exterior appearance and interior technology, the car’s colors have a strong attraction in the eyes of consumers, and this is the most important feature of the youth sedan.

The colors of the Suzuki Ciaz 2024 are among the most prominent factors that enhance young people’s desire to own it, as it is available in a distinct range of colors, including the following:

  • Polar white pearl
  • Luxurious pearlescent silver
  • Luxurious pearlescent red
  • Dark pearl black
  • Shiny pearl blue
  • Luxurious pearlescent grey
  • Shiny pearly brown

Suzuki Ciaz 2024, Al Murabba Net

The most prominent interior features of the Suzuki Ciaz 2024

Despite the economical price of the Suzuki Ciaz 2024, we will find that it has an elegant cabin, and has received advanced equipment that provides you comfort and is easy to handle.

The interior of the Japanese car also combines luxury, technology, and safety and security systems that help the driver have a comfortable and quiet drive on the road. It has the basic equipment that those who want an economical car are looking for.

Suzuki Ciaz 2024, Al Murabba Net

The Ciaz 2024 can accommodate up to 5 people with seats covered in artificial leather, while the driver’s seat supports height control. Among its most prominent interior features are the following:

  • Manual or automatic air conditioning system according to the category.
  • Multi-function steering wheel to facilitate control of the audio system while driving.
  • Equipped with a keyless ignition system.
  • 7-inch infotainment screen.
  • 4-speaker sound system.
  • AUX, USB and 12V ports.
  • Support CD playback.
  • Support WMA media and MP3 audio files.
  • Bluetooth technology.
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirrors.
  • Multi-function leather-wrapped steering wheel

Safety and driver assistance systems

With regard to safety, security and driver assistance systems, we will find that Cars comes with a distinguished level in this aspect, in line with its price category.

We find that the 2024 Ciaz is characterized by a structure that is subject to fully effective control technology that absorbs shocks, in addition to the best safety features, which are as follows:

  • A front airbag for the driver and another for the front passenger.
  • Anti-lock braking system.
  • In addition to the electronic stability system.
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Immobilizer system
  • Also, cruise control system
  • Remote central door locking
  • Rear view camera
  • Audio alert when returning

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Suzuki Ciaz 2024, Al Murabba Net

How much does the 2024 Suzuki Ciaz cost?

We begin the article with a review of the price of the Suzuki Ciaz 2024, which is among the most important competitive advantages of the Japanese car, as we mentioned at the beginning, as the reliable sedan is available in Saudi Arabia at the following prices:

  • The price of the Suzuki Ciaz 2024, first category, starts from 58,075 Saudi riyals, including value-added tax.
  • The price of the Suzuki Ciaz 2024, second category, starts from 68,425 Saudi riyals, including VAT.


Suzuki Saudi Arabia

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