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Driving the new Kia EV9 electric test drive… “Innovative equipment for the future of electric driving” – Al-Murabba’ Net

Al Murabaa Net – A new episode of the Car Experience program has been published, in which it highlights the new 2024 Kia ​​EV9 electric car, which is included in the list of three-row family SUVs. Kia cars are available at its agent, Al Jabr Motors Agency, the exclusive authorized dealer for cars. “Kia” in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and today we will take you on a test drive of the 2024 Kia ​​EV9 electric luxury family car. To learn about the performance specifications and driving experience of the South Korean car, here are the details of the episode.

The new Kia EV9 electric car is one of the latest innovations in the world of electric cars. It combines elegant design, powerful performance and advanced technology, making it an interesting choice in the growing electric car market, and in this article, we explore together the most prominent equipment in the 2024 Kia ​​EV9 electric car.

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The exterior design of the 2024 Kia ​​EV9 electric car

Kia EV9, Al Muraba Net

Speaking of the exterior design of the new electric car, we see that it has an elegant and modern design as well as a completely new design identity from Kia, with a front fascia and the distinctive Kia grille (digital tiger face), LED headlights with a slim and unique design, in addition to many dynamic lines. It is characterized by boldness, with automatic opening door handles, and body-colored exterior mirrors, while the car is based on highly streamlined 21-inch wheel rims, and an attractive rear design with LED lights.

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Interior design of the 2024 Kia ​​EV9 electric car

Kia EV9, Al Muraba Net

Moving to the interior of the car, we see that it has a luxurious cabin, as well as spacious spaces, advanced technologies and modern technological means that help provide an enjoyable and comfortable driving experience, as we see three rows and 7 electric seats made of high-quality leather, and support heating and cooling features as well as… Massaging with power-operated leg rests, second-row seats allow easy access to the third row, multiple USB-C ports inside the cabin, and tri-zone air conditioning.

Kia EV9, Al Muraba Net

As for screens, there is no problem; The cabin has an advanced 12.3-inch digital instrument screen, a 12.3-inch touch infotainment screen that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems, and a third screen that is integrated between the two 5-inch screens and provides many different options, in addition to a luxurious 14-speaker audio system. Speaker, with ambient lighting system, and wireless charger for smartphone.

Performance and specifications

Kia EV9, Al Muraba Net

The car is scheduled to be available with many different options for the electrical system, starting with the first system provided with a battery with a capacity of 76.1 kilowatt-hours with a motor on the rear axle with a power of 215 horsepower, and another system with a battery of 99.8 kilowatt-hours with a single motor with a power of 201 horsepower to provide a range of movement of up to 482 kilometers per charge.

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What safety and driver assistance systems are available in the 2024 Kia ​​EV9?

Kia EV9, Al Muraba Net

The 2024 Kia ​​EV9 electric car has many safety and driver assistance systems, including the advanced highway driving assistance system, and among its features are the following:

  • Forward collision avoidance assist system.
  • Pedestrian and cyclist detection system in front of the car.
  • Monitoring oncoming vehicles when turning at traffic intersections.
  • Automatic braking and steering assist system.

Kia EV9, Al Muraba Net

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