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Ford Mustang Vicious with 1000 horsepower at the SEMA Show – Cars, the first Arab automotive website

Cars – A modified Ford Mustang appeared at the SEMA 2023 show with a distinctive design for the Mustang Timeless Customs Vecious Edition. This model was discontinued about 3 years ago, but has returned in its new form. It received new paint and other modifications. The car suffered some damage due to a previous collision, which caused damage to the entire left side part and extensive modifications to it.

This car here is different from the Rangebrozers Mustang convertible from 2016, but it is close in shape to it. The car ditched the matte silver paint in exchange for a black color and silver stripes. The Mustang Vecius began its life in 1965 in the original version of the car. It was heavily modified with hand-crafted body panels, leaving the A-pillars and hood as the last few components of the original car.

The chassis was built from the ground up on an Art Morrison front subframe with a Corvette C7 front suspension. At the rear, it also gets Art Morrison treatment with independent suspension, and a Dana rear differential. It is also based on the same engine from the 2016 Ford Coyote V8. It now produces 1,003 horsepower, thanks to a 68mm twin-turbocharger system and a 1.8-liter Magnuson engine.

To help handle all that horsepower, the engine comes with several modifications including a dual-muffler exhaust system. It also has dual intercoolers, plus the engine is tuned for E85 fuel. All that power is sent to the rear wheels through a Centerforce clutch and a 6-speed EMCO sequential transmission with paddle shifters.

The muscle car has Brembo carbon ceramic brakes and triple adjustable shocks from Ridetech. It also has Forgeline wheels and Kumho 305/30/R19 tires.

The entire cabin is also red and includes modified parts, such as the Sparco Pro 2000 QRT seats and a full set of Motech elements, which includes controls and display screen.

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