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GAC launches one of its boldest and strangest cars with a hydrogen system and a power of 540 horsepower – Al Murabaa Net

Al Muraba Net – The Chinese company GAC revealed its latest futuristic test cars during the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show in China. The new test car represents future models coming from the Chinese brand with an innovative exterior design with an electrical system that relies on a hydrogen cell instead of a large battery pack.

GAC indicates that the all-new ERA concept car will provide a range of movement of up to 800 kilometers on a single hydrogen filling, and the hydrogen cell will connect with a pair of electric motors mounted on the rear axle of the wheels, which together generate 540 horsepower.

GAC, Al Murabba Net

Design of the GAC ERA testbed

Looking at the exterior appearance of the GAC ERA concept car, we will notice the large size of the new Chinese car, which is actually longer than the luxury Cadillac Escalade, as the length of the ERA extends to 5,413 mm with a wheelbase of 3,132 mm.

The new ERA concept car was designed in collaboration with GAC’s global design teams including offices in Los Angeles and Milan, so the exterior design features an innovative and modern look with a dynamic design of the concept car’s rear section in addition to slim lights, with suicide doors and large sports wheels. .

GAC ERA Test Interior

GAC, Al Murabba Net

Thanks to the extremely long wheelbase, the all-new ERA concept car will have an interior designed to provide an experience similar to a living room or meeting room, with swivel front seats, a center console containing a table, in addition to another circular table integrated into the center console for passengers of the second row of seats.

In addition to the design of the seats and the small mobile meeting room, the GAC ERA concept car has a large screen dominating the front dashboard with a look similar to Mercedes cars, in addition to a small additional screen mounted on the center console.

GAC, Al Murabba Net

The GAC ERA is still a concept car at the present time and it is not expected that this car will be developed into a production car, but it is assumed that its technical and design features will be integrated into upcoming production cars, especially with the appearance of the interior dashboard, slim exterior lights and dynamic design.

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