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Honda CR-V categories and prices in Saudi Arabia…the most prominent equipment and propulsion system in the 2023 model – Al-Murabba Net

Almuraba Net – Honda CR-V, one of the most prominent Japanese Honda cars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, comes within the category of SUVs that are sufficient for the family, and has been produced since 1996. The 2023 Honda CR-V is available in Saudi Arabia through its agent, Abdullah Hashem Company. In this article, we review the categories and prices of the 2023 Honda CR-V, and the most prominent equipment that distinguishes the family car.

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What are the categories and prices of the 2023 Honda CR-V?

Honda CR-V, Al Murabba Net

Speaking about the prices of the 2023 Honda CR-V, we see that it comes in a competitive price category with many different models from different brands in the Saudi market. In the following table, the categories and prices of the Honda CR-V at its agent Abdullah Hashem:

Category the price

114,885 Saudi riyals


135,585 Saudi riyals

Touring AWD

151,110 Saudi riyals

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The propulsion system in the 2023 Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V, Al Murabba Net

The 2023 Honda CR-V is available in the Saudi market, with a powerful engine and a drive system geared to working with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive according to the category. In the following table we review the performance specifications of the Japanese SUV:

power source Internal combustion engine
Engine type petrol
Hybrid no
Number of cylinders 4
Engine Capacity 2.35 litres
Motion vector CVT
Driving system All AWD
Power 184 hp
Torque 244 Nm
Fuel efficiency 15.5 km/l
Fuel tank capacity 57 litres

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The most prominent equipment in the 2023 Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V, Al Murabba Net

Modern and elegant exterior design: The 2023 Honda CR-V has a sporty character, starting with a new front fascia featuring nickel accents, which has been completely redesigned, as well as LED headlights, with LED daytime running lights, electric adjustable side mirrors with turn signals, and body-colored exterior door handles. , with chrome central trim for the tailgate, a sunroof and LED taillights.

Honda CR-V, Al Murabba Net

Spacious spacious cabin: The interior of the Honda CR-V accommodates 5 passengers, with leather seats with electric control in (8 and 4) directions, with a multi-function steering wheel, dual-controlled air conditioning and air conditioning vents in the second row of seats.

Honda CR-V, Al Murabba Net

Comfortable interior: The car’s cabin has many amenities, starting with smart entry, an engine start button, a 7-inch touch infotainment screen that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a 9-speaker audio system.

Honda CR-V, Al Murabba Net

Multiple security systems: There are many safety and driver assistance systems available in the car, including (airbags, the vehicle’s flexibility control system from bends, the warning signals system in case of sudden stopping, the electronic brake force distribution system, the emergency brake assist system, the tire pressure monitoring system, rear sensors, and the Cruise control and traction control system).

Honda CR-V, Al Murabba Net

Honda CR-V, Al Murabba Net

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