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How much is the fee for renewing a Camry driving license in 2024, depending on fuel consumption?

Al-Murabba Net – A large number of Toyota customers are interested in researching the fees for renewing the 2024 Camry driving license according to fuel consumption, coinciding with the decision to apply a financial surcharge to driving licenses for cars that consume large amounts of fuel.

It is a car Camry 2024 is one of the best sedans in the Saudi market, which is very popular, and comes with multiple engine options, so the fuel efficiency of the car may vary according to the engine from which the car derives power.

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Camry license renewal fees for 2024

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced a schedule of financial surcharges on the price of driving licenses for cars according to consumption efficiency, as there are cars exempt from additional fees, so the vast majority are now interested in obtaining a gas-efficient car in light of the Kingdom’s trend towards stimulating the ownership of efficient cars.

All 2024 Camry models are available in Saudi Arabia, with various engine options, at its local agent in Saudi Arabia, Abdul Latif Jameel Company.

In this context, the “Murabba Net” website presents to you the gasoline consumption of the 2024 Camry and the engine options for the youth sedan.

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Camry 2024,

2024 Camry engines

First, before reviewing the Toyota Camry license renewal fees, we will explain to you the three engine options that are available in the Japanese sedan.

First choice:

  • Gasoline engine
  • 4 cylinders
  • 2.5 liter capacity
  • Produces 204 horsepower
  • Torque 243 newtons
  • Connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission
  • It has fuel efficiency 17.9 or 18.3 km/l

the second choice

  • Hybrid gasoline engine
  • 4 cylinders
  • 2.5 liter capacity
  • Produces 215 horsepower
  • And a torque of 221 Newton metres
  • Connected to an E-CVT sequential variable transmission
  • It has fuel efficiency 26 km/lIt is the most fuel-efficient version.

the third option

  • V6 petrol engine
  • Its capacity is 3.5 litres
  • It generates a power of 297 horsepower
  • And a torque of 356 Newton metres
  • Paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission
  • The fuel consumption efficiency of this option is high 14.2 litresIt is available in categories: SE V6 GRANDE, 40TH ANNIV V6
The Car Fuel efficiency Financial compensation Driving license renewal fees after the additional one
GAC GA4 15.6 km/l 50 Saudi riyals 150 Saudi riyals
GAC Ambaugh 18.9 km/l Exempt/0 100 Saudi riyals
GAC GA6 16.5 km/l Exempt/0 100 Saudi riyals

Toyota Camry 2024 design

Now we come to the design of the Japanese sedan, which is distinguished by its appearance. It has a bold, modern design that, despite its simplicity, is undoubtedly elegant. The car features a wide lower front grille in black.

The headlights also had a relatively slim design and were slightly drawn to the sides, which enhanced the aggressive appearance of the front.

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Camry 2024,

The headlights in the 2024 Camry use LED technology, and it also has daytime running lights, and fog lights are in the highest category.

The Japanese manufacturer provided the car with electrically folding side mirrors depending on the category, equipped with turn signals, and obtained the same color as the body.

Camry 2024,

The Japanese sedan is based on 16-, 17-, and 18-inch wheels, depending on the category you may get.

Regarding the dimensions of the car, they can be expressed in the following numbers:

  • Length 4885 mm
  • Width 1840 mm
  • Height 1445 mm
  • Wheelbase 2825 mm
  • The weight of the car without passengers is 2100 kg

Camry 2024,

What are the colors of the 2024 Camry?

We begin the article with a review of the colors of the 2024 Camry, as the Japanese sedan is available with a range of colors that suit everyone, as follows:

Camry 2024,

Toyota Camry 2024 from the inside

As for the Camry’s cabin, it has advanced equipment that enhances comfort and luxury in line with its price category and its being a reliable car.

The car, which can accommodate up to 5 passengers, has seats with cloth or leather upholstery, depending on the category.

Electric control of the driver’s seat is possible only in the higher category.

As for the premium LUMIERE HEV 40th Anniv category, the seats come with the following features:

  • Upholstered in luxurious camel leather
  • Electric control for the driver’s seat
  • Ventilation for the driver’s seat and front passenger seat
  • Memory for driver seat only.

The rear seats in the car are foldable (40:60) with a middle armrest with a cup holder.

Camry 2024,

In addition, the Japanese car came equipped with the following equipment:

  • Multi-function steering wheel, leather-wrapped
  • Air conditioner with automatic or manual control (depending on category)
  • Rear air conditioning vents.
  • Wireless charger for smartphones
  • Electric blinds
  • Interior floor lighting in the highest category.
  • Electric sunroof in the highest category.
  • Audio system with 7-inch or 9-inch touch screen in the upper category
  • Bluetooth
  • USB port
  • 6 headphones.
  • And a 7-inch instrument screen
  • The self-dimming feature of the interior rear-view mirror is in the highest category.
  • Smart entry system with engine (on/off) button.

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Safety and security systems

The 2024 Camry comes equipped with a distinguished level of safety and driver assistance technologies, including the following:

  • 6 airbags
  • Electronic stability
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Electronic distribution of braking forces
  • Controlling traction forces
  • Adaptive cruise control system
  • Hill climb assistant
  • Lane departure warning
  • Stay the course
  • Autonomous emergency braking
  • Blind zone monitoring
  • Forward collision warning
  • Traffic warning when reversing
  • Rear view camera
  • Front and rear parking sensors

Camry 2024,

Prices for all 2024 Camry categories

Regarding prices, it is available from its agent Abdul Latif Jameel in the following prices and categories:

Category name The price includes tax
LE STD 99,245 Saudi riyals
THE 102,925 Saudi riyals
TOGETHER 103,500 Saudi riyals
GLE 112,355 Saudi riyals
HEV GLE 114,770 Saudi riyals
SE 117,760 Saudi riyals
GLE-X 129,490 Saudi riyals
GLE-X HEV 40TH ANNIV 131,675 Saudi riyals
SE V6 134,205 Saudi riyals
GRANDE 40TH ANNIV V6 146,970 Saudi riyals
GRANDE HEV 40TH ANNIV 147,545 Saudi riyals
LUMIERE HEV 40TH ANNIV 153,640 Saudi riyals


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