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How to buy Toyota spare parts online. Find out their full prices

Al-Murabba Net – Many people wonder, is it possible to buy Toyota spare parts online? This is in light of the spread of various electronic services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as digital transformation has become one of the serious goals in which the Kingdom has made great strides.

Toyota spare parts are available online for all models and cars through the website of its exclusive and local agent, Abdul Latif Jameel Company, as you can now take advantage of all electronic services as customers of the Japanese brand.

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Toyota spare parts online

It is common knowledge that Toyota cars It is one of the most widespread cars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so there is great interest in everything related to original spare parts, maintenance centers and other after-sales services.

Abdul Latif Jameel Company is the exclusive and local agent for the Japanese brand in the Saudi market, and is keen to provide multiple centers in all regions of the Kingdom to provide original Yaris spare parts and spare parts for all cars.

In this regard, the “Al Murabba Net” website provides you with everything related to how to purchase Toyota spare parts online through the official agent’s website.

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Toyota spare parts online, Al Murabba Net

How to buy Toyota spare parts online

Original Toyota parts are available through its exclusive and local agent only, so if you are looking for how to buy Toyota spare parts online, all you have to do now is enter the agent’s website, which is Abdul Latif Jameel Company.

To access original Toyota spare parts online and know their prices in authorized sales centers, follow the following:

  • Enter the official website from here
  • Click on the Book a maintenance appointment icon at the top of the page
  • Then press spare parts
  • A box will appear for you to search for the piece you want as shown
  • Choose the piece you are looking for, then complete the purchase process and it will arrive to you

It is noteworthy that you can search for Toyota spare parts that suit your car, whether by chassis number, name and model number, or by car type.

The company provides shipping and delivery service to anywhere in the Kingdom, noting that the expected delivery time is 2 to 3 days, while the actual time depends on the delivery location to you.

Toyota spare parts online, Al Murabba Net

Book a maintenance appointment

As we mentioned at the beginning, Abdul Latif Jameel also provides the ability to book a maintenance appointment online, via the Internet through the agent’s website.

Then the agent will contact you later in order to schedule an appointment during which you can service the defective parts of your car, and also obtain the Toyota Abdul Latif Jameel spare parts that you want.

All you have to do is log in from here and register your data.

Toyota spare parts online, Al Murabba Net

Toyota spare parts prices

After reviewing how to buy Toyota spare parts online, we point out some prices of Abdul Latif Jameel Toyota spare parts in Saudi Arabia, including value-added tax, according to its official website.

  • Toyota engine head cost 240.12 Saudi riyals.
  • Toyota engine cylinder block: 5,330.48 Saudi riyals.
  • The fine for half of the Toyota machine amounted to 8,944.24 Saudi riyals.
  • Radiator fan motor for 913.56 Saudi riyals.
  • Air conditioning control buttons for 867.34 Saudi riyals.
  • A candle costs 4,202.50 Saudi riyals.
  • Cutlets for 117.76 Saudi riyals.
  • The engine spark plug key costs 34.50 Saudi riyals.
  • Cushion liner for 153.64 Saudi riyals.

Addresses of Toyota original spare parts centers

Now, after reviewing the prices of original Toyota spare parts, here are the addresses of the most prominent Toyota spare parts centers:

  • Salah Al-Din Al-Ayoubi Street, Arar, Central Region, phone number 0146628811
  • Al-Wajh Center, King Saud Road, Central Region, phone number 0144423370
  • Qatif Center, Warehouse District, Al-Quds Street, Central Region, phone number 0138550515
  • Al-Jouf Center, Al-Shifa, King Saud Road, Sakaka, Eastern Province, phone number 0146240620
  • Yanbu Center, Jeddah Road, Yanbu, Western Region, phone number 0143288888
  • Al Salam Exhibition, Medina, Al Salam Street, Medina, Western Region, phone number 0148467212
  • Al-Hofuf Center 3, Riyadh Road, North Sulaymaniyah, Eastern Province, phone number 0135365400
  • Dammam Center 1, King Saud Street, Al Jalawiyah, Dammam, Eastern Province, phone number 0138176512
  • Al Khafji Center, Prince Sultan Road, Al Khafji, Eastern Province, phone number 0138219890
  • Tabuk Center, Old Aziziyah, King Khalid Road, Eastern Province, phone number 0144212999
  • Makkah Al-Kakiyya Center, Muhammadiyah, Al-Laith Road, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Western Region, phone number 9200024454
  • Olaya Center, Imam Saud bin Abdulaziz bin Muhammad Al-Bari Road, Al-Muruj, Riyadh, Central Region, phone number 0112546444
  • 2 Buraidah Centre, Al-Bishr, King Abdul Aziz Road, Central Region, 0163854801
  • Al Khobar Centre, King Saud Road, Olaya, Eastern Province, phone number 0138219888 or 0138535412
  • Unayzah Center, Central Region, phone number 0163630025
  • Al-Baha Center, Baljurshin, Southern Road, Al-Baha, Western Region, phone number 0177224040
  • Hafar Al-Batin Center, King Khalid Road, Fulaij, Eastern Province, phone number 0137238444
  • Khurais Center, Makkah Al-Mukarramah Branch Road, Al-Rabwah, Riyadh, Central Region, phone number +966112546299
  • Jubail Center 3, First Support Industrial Area, Road 118, Eastern Province, phone number 0133407691
  • Jubail Centre, Abu Ali Road, Eastern Region, phone number 0133625152
  • City Center 1, Aira Airport Road, Medina, Western Region, phone number 0148422800
  • Prince Sultan Road Center, Al Salamah District, Jeddah, Western Region, phone number 0122562444
  • Makkah Umrah Center, New Umrah, Medina Road, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Western Region
  • Al-Hofuf Center, Dhahran Road, Al-Mutayrifi, Eastern Province, phone number 0135321111
  • Al Naseem Centre, Khurais Road, Al Rayyan, Riyadh, Central Region, 14212, phone number 0112334400
  • Medina Road Center, Al-Faisaliah, Jeddah, Western Region, phone number 0126670025
  • Al Badia Center, Aisha Bint Abi Bakr, Shubra, Riyadh, Central Region, phone number 0114273000
  • Taif Center, King Abdullah Road, Taif, Western Region, phone number 012736898

Toyota spare parts online, Al Murabba Net

Best cheap Toyota parts site

As we mentioned at the beginning, cheap car parts can be purchased through these platforms that provide a space for displaying used parts and used cars as well.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is full of online buying and selling platforms, and all you have to do then is choose a reliable platform to search for used spare parts.

Among the applications that specialize in buying and selling everything related to cars online is a used and new platform.

It is used and new. The best cheap Toyota spare parts website, which is directly connected to the Absher platform, which gives it high reliability.

After choosing the site and entering it, you will be able to easily search for used Toyota spare parts in Saudi Arabia, and then communicate with the king.

You can view the prices of used Toyota spare parts by visiting the used platform here

Toyota spare parts online, Al Murabba Net

Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia

In conclusion, after monitoring everything related to original Toyota spare parts, we point out that the Japanese brand Toyota has a distinguished fleet of cars in the Saudi market, covering most categories, including sedans, SUVs, crossovers, sports cars, and pickups, as well as trucks. Commercial.

Here are the most prominent Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia:

  • Yaris, Corolla, Camry and Avalon (sedan)
  • RISE, Urban Cruiser, Rush, Corolla Cross, RAV4, FJ Cruiser, Fortuner, Prado, Highlander and Land Cruiser (SUV)
  • Hilux, Land Cruiser 70, Hiace Bus, Hiace Van, Coaster and Litas (commercial cars)
  • Supra, GR86 (sports cars)
  • Innova family car.


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