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Hyundai concludes a deal with Amazon to display its cars for sale in the online store – Al-Murabba Net

Al Murabba Net – Starting next year, agencies in the United States will be able to sell Hyundai cars on the American Amazon store, which is an unprecedented shift in the method of displaying and selling cars in the market.

The news comes as part of Hyundai’s announcement of a wide-ranging strategic partnership with Amazon, which includes providing Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant service in all Hyundai cars, starting with future generations.

In fact, this will be the first time that new cars will be offered for sale in the Amazon store, and customers will be able to choose between their favorite colors and categories on the store and complete the purchase process within a few minutes.

Hyundai, Al Muraba Net

Alexa smart assistant

As for the smart assistant Alexa, it is a service that allows passengers to issue voice commands to play music, alert the driver on his daily schedule, monitor the route of the road, weather conditions, etc.

It is worth noting that Tesla was the first major car company to provide the service of ordering cars and paying for them entirely online without going to the usual showrooms, and now other companies have begun to follow the same innovative pattern.

Hyundai, Al Muraba Net Hyundai, Al Muraba Net

Source: Reuters

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