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Launching of the fourth generation of Renault Master with extraordinary capabilities – Cars Live

Since its launch in 1980, more than three million copies of the Renault Master have been sold, which is still manufactured in France in Batille, near Metz. This represents a rich history of over 40 years for the first three generations, and a huge success with a historic position as a European market leader in its class. Renault Master is marketed in more than 50 countries and has joined the South American market since 1990. The fourth generation of Renault Master is poised to continue this success.

“With the new Renault Master, we sought to get as close as possible to the definition of the perfect truck. Craftsmen, entrepreneurs and artisans will find with them a truck that makes a real leap forward, able to support them at all times to achieve maximum productivity, a truck that we can rely on as a true partner in daily professional life regardless of the type of energy. “, Helen Carvalho, Head of the Renault Master Program

Interior design: a real workstation

“Everything has been thought of to make the new Renault Master a true workstation, practical, comfortable and above all superior quality. », Louis Mauras, Renault SUV Design Director

The new Renault Master offers a particularly high-quality interior, close to that of passenger cars in the range. The letter-shaped dashboard helps S It is oriented towards the driver to increase space in the cabin. It uses high-quality materials and its 10-inch screen, standard across the range, provides a touch of technology that is very pleasing to the eye. The dark colors of the trim highlight the luxurious feel of this ultra-modern cabin. The height and depth of the steering wheel can now be adjusted from a set VP, allowing everyone to find the best driving position. In automatic versions, the transmission control lever is now placed on the steering wheel, for greater comfort and safety.

With a total of 135 litres, the storage volume has increased by 25%, making this generation a market leader. Inside the cabin of the new Renault Master, everything is in its place: in the multiple storage spaces on the dashboard, in the side cup holders, in the glove box drawer, in the overhead compartment and in both door storage levels.

As a car transforms Renault Master Easily convert to a true mobile office. The back of the center seat forms a workbench once folded down, and the seat lifts to provide access to dedicated PC storage space. Availability of outlets USB-C Power for electronic devices. Every detail is designed for intense daily use, such as the seat sills TEP The most resistant exterior, making it easier to get in and out and maintain its appearance over time. Multiple seating options are available: hanging seats, swivel seats, single seat or 3 seat versions, in 2 fabric versions as well as in TEP.

Exterior design: a strong and reassuring character

“The impressive overall appearance of the new Renault Master is enhanced by its imposing vertical grille and horizontal headlights. LED Its bumper is very strong. Its shape has been designed using engineering down to the smallest detail to balance design, performance and efficiency. », Louis Mauras, Renault SUV Design Director

The design of the new Renault Master renews the genre with striking style and a strong, rewarding and modern character to support all professionals in their activity. Thus was born to continue the Masters success story.

New Renault Master inspires reliability, durability and safety. Its massive front fascia contributes greatly to creating this impression of its unique style, reminiscent of the world of heavy goods vehicles. It includes Renault’s new brand identity with the new logo and letter-shaped lighting signature C (C-Shape) with projectors LED Complete with exceptional proportions, around the imposing grille. This is highlighted by the letter-shaped yoke U Colored in grainy black or body color at the top of the range. 7 body colors are offered as standard and more than 300 special colors.

The proportions have been carefully considered to provide the best balance for each body type. The rear, which has been tightened to improve aerodynamics, is designed to maintain the excellent rear-entry dimensions and useful volume. The rear window cut takes the typical symbols of the master with the VI

Blue diesel DCI

There are four different types of diesel engines Blue dCi In a program New Master, with a power of 105, 130, 150 and 170 horsepower. It offers significant gains in consumption (- 1.5 l/100 km on average), as well as in CO2 emissions (- 39 g/km), allowing it to stay below 200 g/km. The transmission is entrusted to a classic manual gearbox or a new automatic gearbox EAG9 Equipped with a 9-speed converter, it is particularly efficient.


The 100% electric versions of the new Renault Master offer two 96 or 105 kW motors, each developing 300 Nm of torque, with a battery with a capacity of 40 kWh (180 kilometers in the test WLTP self) and 87 kWh (more than 410 km), respectively. Independence WLTP).

This allows the new Renault Master to offer record values ​​with a payload of 1,625 kg with licence BAnd a range of more than 410 km WLTP And a towing capacity of 2.5 tons. Consumption remains measured, with a test value WLTP 21 kWh/100 km for the version equipped with the 87 kWh battery, thanks to the innovative thermal management system. 130 kW fast charging allows you to regain a range of up to 229 kilometers in 30 minutes. At home, it can charge from 10 to 100% in less than four hours using a 22-kilowatt AC wall box.


The new Renault Master is also designed to eventually be offered in a fuel cell and hydrogen version H2-Tech.


Unique braking system

The new innovative electrically assisted dynamic braking system in the new Renault Master gives the same efficiency and the same pedal feel, whatever the vehicle load. It also allows the automatic emergency braking system to engage more quickly (reaction time halved), as well as recovering more energy for electric versions, which contributes to increased autonomy.

20 driving aids

The new Renault Master is equipped with a range of 20 driving aids to maximize safety for its passengers and other road users. Active safety is therefore closely monitored by other systems such as Side Hold Assist and automatic emergency braking AEBSTrailer driving assistant. It also benefits from Intelligent Speed ​​Assist, which helps the driver respect speed limits.

Advantages V2X For electric versions

The new Renault Master will provide jobs V2X In electric versions: vehicle to load (V2L) and the vehicle to the network (V2G). This includes the ability to charge external devices (V2Lfrom the car to an electrical device) with a socket in the passenger compartment, in the cargo area and via an adapter to connect it to the charging socket for connecting nomad devices (gadgets, IT for example) or equipment integrated into vehicles converted by bodybuilders (refrigerated truck, motorized tailgate , bus with auxiliary heating/air conditioning, etc.) directly on the battery.

The new Renault Master will also be able to integrate into the grid and deliver power from its batteries (function V2Gfrom the car to the power grid), thanks to the bidirectional charger.

All means of communication according to today’s taste

The new Renault Master is an SUV born in a digital world, and has all the standard features to be the most efficient out there. It is a multimedia system OpenR Linkthe most intuitive on the market, is standard across the entire range, with a 10-inch display and compatibility Android Auto AndApple CarPlay, wired and wireless, to display the smartphone screen. Intelligent and scalable system for new features thanks to remote updates (FOOT: Over-the-air firmware) is available for more than 20 computers, such as a smartphone, and is provided free of charge for 5 years.

OpenR Link with Google Built-in, always more connected and more efficient

For the first time on a light utility vehicle, a multimedia system enables OpenR Link Very talk to Google Integrated, which was developed with Google And based on Android Automotive OS 12for a driver New Master Access to navigation in maps Google And catalog of applications Google Play and assistant Google Built-in audio.

For an enhanced calling experience, the system can be customized like a smartphone, by linking an account Google In the user profile. Its modular interface can accommodate two widgets in addition to the main screen (map navigation Google:Music, phone, assistant Google, vehicle, date and time, tire pressure, etc. Thanks to the menu bar on the left of the screen, the system allows you to easily navigate between the different worlds of Home/Navigation, Music, Phone, Apps, and Vehicles. In addition, a wireless smartphone charger is available for LTEaspect

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