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Lexus LC 2024 “Experience luxury and wonderful performance”.. Prices and equipment of the new coupe in Saudi Arabia – Al-Murabba Net

Al Murabba Net – The 2024 Lexus LC is considered one of the most prominent cars in the luxury Lexus fleet, and its latest addition to the world of luxury cars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This car combines elegant design and wonderful performance, making it an interesting choice for lovers of luxury coupes in the Kingdom. In this article, we review for you the list of categories and prices of the distinguished car from the Japanese brand, the performance of its powerful engine and its most prominent equipment, and how it embodies the concept of luxury and wonderful performance. In the world of cars.

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How much does the new 2024 Lexus LC Coupe cost?

Lexus LC, Al Muraba Net

The luxury Lexus LC coupe is available from its dealer in the Saudi market, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, in two different categories in terms of equipment and prices. In the following table we show the categories and prices including the value of the added tax:

Category the price

465,750 Saudi riyals

504,850 Saudi riyals

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New 2024 Lexus LC engine

Lexus LC, Al Muraba Net

The 2024 Lexus LC is characterized by high performance and a powerful engine, and in the following table we show the performance of the Japanese coupe:

power source Internal combustion engine
Engine type petrol
Number of cylinders V8
Engine Capacity 5.0 litres
Motion vector Regular automatic
Number of transmission speeds 10
Driving system Rear RWD
Power 470 hp
Torque 540 Nm
Fuel efficiency 9.5 km/l
Fuel tank capacity 82 litres
maximum speed 270 km/h
Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h 4.7 seconds

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What are the most prominent equipment in the 2024 Lexus LC?

Lexus LC, Al Muraba Net

Unique coupe design: The exterior design features a classic Lexus luxury design, with a wide black grille and a shiny chrome front, highlighted by triple-LED headlights with automatic high-beam control, and from the side we see LED side lights for the Lexus welcome sign, and electrically folding side mirrors, while The car is based on 21-inch sports wheel rims.

Lexus LC, Al Muraba Net

Ultra luxurious cabin: From the inside, the car has a luxurious cabin that features many advanced equipment, starting with welcome lights, luxurious leather seats that support ventilation with 10 electric modes and memory for the driver’s seat, in addition to the center console, and a multi-function steering wheel with leather upholstery.

Lexus LC, Al Muraba Net

Lexus LC screens: As for the cabin screens, we find a 12.3-inch touch infotainment screen, and a 13-speaker Mark Levinson surround sound system, which can be compared to a high-quality home theater, as standard, in addition to a 12-volt outlet, a USB-C port for charging devices, and a USB-A port.

Lexus LC, Al Muraba Net

Modern security systems: The Lexus LC has many modern safety systems, including (blind spot system, reverse driving warning system, active cruise control, pre-collision protection system, lane departure warning sensor, lane keeping system, front and rear sensors, and a 360 surrounding camera). degree).

What are the dimensions of the 2024 Lexus LC Coupe?

Lexus LC, Al Muraba Net

As for the dimensions of the distinctive coupe from Lexus, they come in the dimensions shown in the following table:

Total length 4,770 mm
Total width 1,920 mm
Total height 1,345 mm
Wheelbase length 2,870 mm
Gross vehicle weight 2,375 kg

Lexus LC, Al Muraba Net

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