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Mercedes E-Actros Electric 2024.. “Environmental strength and exceptional performance in the world of electric trucks” #Cars of the Future – Al-Murabba Net

Al-Murabba Net – In continuation of our awareness role in the world of cars, the Al-Murabba Net team is working on many programs, and due to the great state of transformation that the automobile industry is witnessing in the modern era, where new technologies and innovations are being developed aimed at improving performance, efficiency and sustainability; The first episodes of a new program entitled “Future Cars” were presented, which is concerned with showcasing the best new cars from various car brands, and at the top of the list are fully electric cars. Future cars are considered a qualitative leap in the world of transportation. It combines advanced technology and innovative design to provide a unique and sustainable driving experience. Future cars also include a wide range of innovative technologies that change the way cars are designed and manufactured. Here are the details of a new episode of “Future Cars”, entitled “Mercedes i Actros 2024, environmental strength and performance.” “Exceptional in the world of electric trucks.”

The modern 2024 Mercedes E Actros represents a qualitative shift in the truck industry, as it combines modern technology and environmental sustainability. This truck was designed to meet the needs of urban and regional transportation in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient manner. In this article, we will discover Mercedes’ features and equipment. The electric Actros, model 2024, and how it contributes to changing the future of environmental transportation and improving performance and efficiency in the world of electric trucks.

The Mercedes E Actros has a range of 500 km

Mercedes E Actros, Al Murabba Net

Mercedes-Benz Trucks unveiled the Actros 600, the first long-range electric truck. The truck is equipped with two electric motors with a continuous power of 536 horsepower, three lithium phosphate battery packs that provide a total capacity of 621 kilowatt-hours, and a two-speed transmission. The batteries charge from 20% to 80% in about 30 minutes, and the truck is able to travel more than 1,000 kilometers per day.

Mercedes E Actros, Al Murabba Net

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Designed with a gross weight of 44,000 kg and a payload of approximately 22,000 kg, the truck features a completely new and pure design with clear lines and an aerodynamic shape, a large, fully enclosed and rounded front bonnet, an improved bumper, including lower panels, with LED headlights, And an LED light bar.

Mercedes E Actros, Al Murabba Net

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As well as a new design language for the driver’s cab characterized by efficient aerodynamics, in addition to highly innovative drive technology; Which provides high energy efficiency, with a multi-function steering wheel, a pair of screens, one for the digital instrument cluster, and another for the touchscreen infotainment system, as well as two display screens that replace the side mirrors, in addition to highly efficient safety and assistance systems, such as the control system. In stability, lane keeping, attention assist, and tire pressure monitoring system.

Mercedes E Actros, Al Murabba Net

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Mercedes E Actros, Al Murabba Net Mercedes E Actros, Al Murabba Net

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