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Rimac Nievera breaks a new speed record, this time by driving in reverse – Al

Al Muraba Net – In 1967, the Lamborghini Miura won the title of the fastest car in the world after reaching a maximum speed of 273 km/h, and after about 56 years had passed since that title, the Rimac Nievera electric car achieved the same maximum speed, but by driving in the opposite direction.

Rimac revealed that it had managed to break the world record for the fastest reversing car using the Rimac Nievera electric car, which reached a speed of 276 km/h, and this amazing speed was attested by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Rimac Nevera, Al Murabba Net

The Rimac Nievera won this amazing title on the same German track where it broke more than 20 records for acceleration and braking in one day earlier this year. Although many records have already been broken with the Rimac car, it seems that the Croatian brand wants more records to enhance it. Its presence in the middle of the luxury supercar market.

Rimac points out that unlike cars that rely on internal combustion engines or some electric cars, the Rimac Nievera does not have any gears, so that the four unique engines can drive in any direction perfectly, which means that the Niviera can theoretically accelerate in reverse to reach a speed. 161 km/h in 3.21 seconds.

Rimac Nevera, Al Murabba Net

Unique performance from Rimac Electric Nievera

The Rimac Nievera is one of the most prominent sports cars that have been unveiled recently, which shows us everything we can expect from electric cars in terms of superior performance, as it is distinguished by its ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 1.81 seconds or to a speed of 400 km/h. An hour in 21.31 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 412 km/h.

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