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The all-new Cadillac Optic is officially unveiled, becoming the smallest electric car from the American brand – Al-Murabba Net

Al Murabaa Net – Cadillac revealed the all-new Optic for the first time, which is a compact electric crossover and the smallest among the Cadillac range of fully electric SUVs, and it features an external appearance similar to the various electric Cadillac models.

The all-new Cadillac Optic has an external appearance similar to the rest of the all-electric Cadillac models, as we can see with the design of the front grille and the large lights extending into the front bumper, in addition to the streamlined design lines where the door handles integrated into the body appear, along with large 21-inch sports wheels.

Cadillac Optic, Al Murabba Net

Reaching the rear section, we will notice lamps similar to those used in the electric Cadillac Escalade IQ, but in a smaller size and some simple touches to match the appearance of the small Cadillac Optic.

Chinese Cadillac Optic specifications

Cadillac did not reveal many details about the Optic car, as the American brand contented itself with reviewing the electric car only, but earlier this year the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information revealed to us a set of specifications for the new Cadillac car, which we will discuss quickly.

Cadillac Optic, Al Murabba Net

Chinese Cadillac Optic

Leaked Chinese specifications revealed that the Cadillac Optic will be offered in an exterior size very similar to the XT5, but the electric car is superior in terms of wheelbase with a difference of 97 mm. It is worth noting that the Optic is the electric successor to the famous XT5 crossover.

As for the specifications of the electric motors, the Cadillac Optic will rely on an electric motor with a power of 201 and 241 horsepower, with an all-wheel drive version available with a pair of electric motors with a total power of 283 horsepower.

Cadillac will reveal the specifications of the all-new Optic crossover next year, and we will provide you with all the official specifications as soon as they are revealed.

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