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The experimental GAC Era…a hydrogen-powered SUV from the future that is larger than the Escalade – Cars, the first Arab website for cars

Cars – The Chinese company GAC is famous for unveiling wild experimental models. One of these strange models was presented at the Guangzhou Auto Show 2023. This was represented by the ERA model, which represents a large SUV that shows the automaker’s vision for the future and is characterized by an elegant shape and equipped with an FCEV engine.

The Era model is larger than the Cadillac Escalade, with a length of 5,413 mm and a wheelbase of 3,132 mm. The design is a joint collaboration between GAC’s global design teams, including its studios in Los Angeles and Milan. The exterior design is characterized by simple lines that combine a strong, straight front section with a dynamic roof line that leads to a fastback-style rear section.

The car comes with a full-width LED strip up front on the headlights with sensors and cameras placed above a body-colored grille. The side profile is characterized by honeycomb doors and dynamically shaped side sills. While the large diameter alloy wheels contribute to achieving a large ground clearance of 244 mm. GAC says the air components are made from sustainable materials including recycled marine plastic and biomaterials from seaweed.

The interior is designed to provide a living room experience, with swivel seats in the front and a center console that turns into a table. The rear seats have foldable extensions that can serve as leg rests or provide additional seating for a larger number of people. In addition, there is a central armrest that can be opened to turn into a tea table. The cabin is equipped with sunset purple mycelium leather upholstery, as well as suede-like surfaces and white wood trim. The dashboard is also covered by a large display screen like the one in Mercedes, with a smaller screen positioned closer to the driver and touch-sensitive buttons on the steering wheel and door cards.

The SUV is based on GAC’s “multi-power” platform but does not use a battery. Instead, it uses hydrogen fuel cell (FCEV) technology with two rear-mounted electric motors. They produce 540 horsepower. According to the automaker, the emission-free driving range is 800 kilometers, which can be quickly replenished when connected to a hydrogen pump instead of an electric charger.

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