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The first German brand to compete with Fiat in Algeria – Live Cars

After the Italian brand Fiat dominated the Algerian market in 2023 by importing more than 50,000 cars out of the 80,000 it will import this year, today the first German brand entered the framework of car dealerships to compete with Fiat and contribute to alleviating the scarcity of new cars.

In this context, the German car brand Opel, which belongs to the international Stellantis group, conducted the first importation of new vehicles within the framework of agent activity through the port of Mostaganem.

Al-Shorouk newspaper revealed, according to sources connected to the file, that the import operation took place on Wednesday morning through the port of Mostaganem via the Corsica Marina ship, which had 414 tourist cars on board, including 275 Opel cars and 139 Fiat Tipo cars.

According to Al-Shorouk sources, Opel cars were distributed among several models, including 240 Astra models, 34 Opel Granland models, and 1 Mokka model.

It is expected that operations will continue in the coming days and weeks according to the details provided, within the framework of embodying the activity and import licenses granted by the Ministry of Industry to several brands.

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