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The Minister of Commerce announces the import of cars in 2024 – Cars Live

Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Tayeb Zitouni, stressed that the new cars that will be marketed in Algeria will have prices identical to what is available abroad.

Zitouni said in his speech on the occasion of the announcement of the start of marketing of Chery cars today in Sablat Park that Algeria now has a real automobile industry.

The spokesman pointed out that the previous car installation project was a waste of public money and a lie of the times.

Butt revealed that lobbies were only pressuring to bring in cars and found that the state was looking out for them.

He continued: “185,000 cars have been approved to enter Algeria, and in 2024 the number will be greater. We have been provided with 15,000 permanent jobs and 5,000 non-permanent ones.”

The Minister of Commerce thanked Allama Chery for developing a special program to track car prices and monitor the marketing chain from the time they leave the factory until they reach the citizen.

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