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The new Audi Q5 appears in a new teaser campaign before its unveiling – Cars, the first Arab car website

Cars – Audi has just begun its teaser campaign for the new Audi Q5, announcing that the compact crossover will arrive with Matrix LED headlights. This was available in the highest version, but this new teaser indicates that it may be more widely available across all categories.

It is expected that there will be improvements in technology. This may include the possibility of offering customizable daytime running lighting technology, although it is still optional on the Q8.

Likewise, the rear of the car is likely to get lighting updates. It will likely include OLED lights as an option. The front and rear bumpers have also been updated with other subtle design improvements. It will likely include a new, familiar-looking front grille.

Updates can also be expected in the cabin after the Q6 e-tron’s debut. The Q6 gets a new “Digital Stage” interface with an 11.9-inch driver display and a 14.5-inch MMI touch screen. Both are equipped with OLED technology. There is also a 10.9-inch MMI screen in front of the passenger.

As for expectations for the engine range, the Q5 will not be offered as an electric car. It can come with turbocharged four-cylinder engines, along with mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions. Audi will likely only introduce more technical and design improvements before the Q5 debuts. A slight increase in power and efficiency is likely.

As for the date of the car’s reveal, the start of a teaser campaign suggests that its public reveal is imminent. Perhaps more information will emerge at the Los Angeles Auto Show starting this week from November 17-26.

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