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The price of the 2024 Chery Arrizo 5 and the most prominent features of the economic sedan

Al-Murabba Net – It was the price of a car Shery The Arrizo 5 model year 2024 is the reason for its position on the list of the best economic sedans suitable for young people, in addition to its modern appearance and equipment that keep pace with the aspirations of those looking for a car in this price category.

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Chery Arrizo 5 car price

Chery has succeeded in gaining the trust of customers in the Gulf market in general, and the Saudi market in particular, as it is now available in the Kingdom through sedan and SUV models.

Chery sedans are called the Arrizo family, as they include… Arizona 5The Chery Arrizo is the cheapest 2023 Chery car in Saudi Arabia. It belongs to the compact sedan category and is available through its local agents: Sanabel Company, affiliated with Al Naghi.

In this regard, the “Al Murabba Net” website provides you with everything you want to know about specifications Cheapest car Chery 2023 in Saudi Arabia and its prices according to the latest update.

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Price of the Chery Arrizo 5, Al-Murabba Net

How much does the Chery Arrizo 5 cost? – Cheapest Chery car in 2023

Many are interested in knowing the price of the Chery Arrizo 5, the cheapest car among the Chinese brand’s fleet, which is now available in two categories: The price of Chery Arrizo 5 starts from 57,300 Saudi Riyal including VAT.

This is according to the latest official update through the website of Sanabel Company – the local agent for the Chinese brand – and it is preferable to contact the agent if making a purchase decision to know the latest prices at that time.

Price of the Chery Arrizo 5, Al-Murabba Net

Advantages of the cheapest Chery car 2023

The Chinese car combines a set of features that are in line with its price category. It belongs to the compact sedan category, and its first appearance in China was in 2016.

The Chery Arrizo 5 – the cheapest Chery car of 2023 – offers the car formula that is suitable for the city and is characterized by practicality, and has an organized interior and a modern and elegant exterior design.

The cheapest Chery 2023 car has an elegant front end, thanks to the medium-sized black front grille, which has a chrome line in the middle with the logo of the Chinese company Chery.

There are also ventilation holes in the front fascia, while it has headlights with a design inspired by human eyes, and they are seamlessly integrated with the front grille to give the fascia a bold look.

In addition, the headlights work with halogen technology alongside the LED, with other ventilation holes in the front bumper, next to the front fog lights.

On the side, there are fully electric mirrors with integrated LED turn signals, with flowing lines that help the car’s dynamics at high speeds. The wheels are also available in a sporty 16-inch design.

At the back, it comes with LED lights, with a chrome line connecting the taillights to each other. The rear bumper also has rear sensors, fog lights and reflectors, and there is also a rear camera.

Price of the Chery Arrizo 5, Al-Murabba Net

What does the cabin of the cheapest Chery 2023 car look like?

As for the interior, it is characterized by a modern design and a number of basic equipment that gives you a feeling of comfort. The car, which can accommodate up to 5 people, comes with leather-covered seats.

The Chinese sedan can comfortably accommodate 5 people for long-distance travel, and the rear seats also come with the ability to fold. To increase the trunk space.

In addition, the car comes with a multi-function steering wheel covered in leather, along with meters with red indicators to give a sporty touch to the car, with a small 3.5-inch screen in the meters to display important information to the driver during his trip.

In addition, the Chinese manufacturer equipped the interior of his car with an entertainment screen that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with a 7-inch Bluetooth, for easy connection of the mobile phone to the car.

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Price of the Chery Arrizo 5, Al-Murabba Net

What is the capacity of the Chery Arrizo 5 engine?

Now we come to one of the frequently asked questions among those who want to own a Chinese car, which is what is the capacity of the Chery Arrizo 5 engine? The Chinese sedan is powered by a naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engine with a liter capacity of 1.5 litres.

The Chery Arrizo 5 engine produces 114 horsepower and a maximum torque of 141 Nm, connected to a CVT transmission and a front-wheel drive system.

Specifications of safety and driver assistance systems

Regarding the safety, security and driver assistance systems in the Chinese car, Chery has been keen to provide the basic level that those wishing to own an economical car may be looking for.

The Chery Arrizo 5 2023 came equipped with front airbags / side airbags / curtain airbags, and it is reported that the airbag is from Autoliv, which is the first manufacturer of (car occupant protection system).

Also, the Chinese sedan also comes equipped with the following:

  • Seat belt reminder and pre-limited seat belt in the front row.
  • Available with rear sensors
  • In addition to the presence of a rear camera
  • Supports the electronic stability system
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Electronic brake force distribution
  • Tire pressure monitoring system


Chery Saudi Arabia

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