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The start of marketing for the Opel brand today and these are the expected prices – Live Cars

Stellantis Group, represented by its exclusive agent for importing the Opel brand, “Halil Auto,” will begin marketing the luxury German brand Opel today, Wednesday, through a ceremony that will be organized at the Sheraton Hotel, starting at one o’clock in the afternoon.

Wednesday, November 15, will be a historic day for the Opel brand, which will represent German quality in Algeria and will begin to compete with Italian quality and sweep Chinese brands into the Algerian market.

As for prices, the Opel cars that will be marketed in Algeria will be at higher prices than Fiat cars and Chinese cars. This is due to the difference in quality, equipment and the reputation of the German brand, which is known for its success even in the American markets.

The beginning will be with the Opel Astra, equipped with a 1.2 Puretech gasoline engine with a power of 130 horsepower and an automatic gearbox, whose prices in Europe start at 26 thousand euros, which makes its price in Algeria from the authorized dealer start, according to specialists’ estimates, from 380 million centimes at the very least. It can rise to more than 400 million depending on the quality of equipment.

As for the prices of the small crossover Opel Mokka with a 1.2 Puretech engine, 130 horsepower, and an automatic gearbox, its prices in Europe start at 30,000 euros, which makes its price in Algeria start at the very least at 450 million centimes.

Regarding the Opel Grandland crossover, with a 1.6 Puretech engine, 180 horsepower, and an automatic gearbox, its prices in Aruba start at 34 thousand euros, which makes its price in Algeria exceed 500 million centimes.

These prices were estimated by some specialists on the Cars Live website by comparing Opel prices in Europe, but these prices could decrease between 30 and 40 million if the government, represented by the Ministry of Industry, intervenes by giving some privileges and incentives to the Opel brand to reduce prices, which is what happened with the Chery, Geely, and Fiat brands..

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