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These are the diesel cars allowed to enter Algeria – Live Cars

Algeria is considered the first Arab and African country to impose a blockade on the import and manufacture of diesel cars, as the Algerian government is moving to permanently ban the import and manufacture of diesel cars in order to preserve the environment.

Algeria officially banned authorized dealers from importing tourist cars that run on diesel, and banned citizens from importing used cars less than 3 years old that run on diesel. It also banned the manufacture of diesel cars locally for those wishing to enter the world of car manufacturing in Algeria.

Issue No. 76 of the Official Gazette issued a book of conditions for manufacturers and car sales agents.

The book of conditions specifying the conditions and methods for practicing the activity of new vehicle agents excluded the import of cars with a diesel engine. This applies to tourist vehicles.

In accordance with Article 29 of the book of conditions specifying the modalities for practicing the activity of agents of tourist, light utility and industrial vehicles, motorcycles and special-use vehicles. New vehicle agents are not licensed to import tourist vehicles.

While the same booklet allows car dealers to import vehicles equipped with a gasoline, electric, hydrogen, or hybrid engine: gasoline/electric, gasoline/hydrogen. Fluidized petroleum gas/compressed natural gas or capable of being equipped with it. whose gas emissions comply with applicable legislation and regulation.

The same notebook added that the process of importing new vehicles is in accordance with the provisions of Article 52 of Law No. 13-08 of December 30, 2013, which includes the Finance Law of 2014, as amended.

The Consumer Protection Organization (APOCE) published a clarification regarding the ban on the import of diesel cars and wrote, “Not allowing the import of cars using diesel fuel is for tourist cars only… as for the rest of the types, including utilitarian ones, it is possible.” New cars are also cars that have driven less than 100 km and not 1000 as is commonly known.

It is worth noting that the ban on diesel cars is limited to new tourist cars for dealers and used cars less than 3 years old, and the law does not prevent citizens from importing new diesel cars on their own, as any citizen can import a new car with a diesel engine provided that it is new and not used and pays various dues. Fees and taxes.

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