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Towards reducing the prices of all car brands in Algeria – Cars Live

The Ministry of Industry is currently negotiating with representatives of various foreign car brands with the aim of urging them to reduce prices further to match the purchasing power of citizens.

The Minister of Industry, Ali Aoun, confirmed last Thursday that he had asked representatives of the Chery brand to reduce prices, and this is what actually happened by reducing the price of the Tiggo 2 Pro to less than 200 million centimes, which the citizens appreciated and considered it a positive indicator of reducing the prices of the remaining brands.

The Minister of Industry stressed that all brands must emulate the Chery brand and reduce their prices to enable a wide segment of Algerians to buy a new car at reasonable prices. The Minister said that the people’s car should not exceed 200 million centimes.

In continuation of the Ministry of Industry’s efforts to urge dealers in the field of cars to reduce prices, the Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, Ali Aoun, received today, Sunday, the President and General Manager of “Fiat Algeria”, Hakim Boutahra, as part of following up on the work of the Fiat factory.

A statement from the Ministry stated that Minister Aoun called on the General Director of Fiat Algeria to review prices in light of the great competition that many brands are now imposing in parallel with the opening of automobile manufacturing factories in Algeria.

The Minister of Industry also stressed the need to respect the agreed upon deadlines. For his part, the company’s general director confirmed that the work progress rate exceeded 95 percent, and the actual launch will take place before the end of December.

In the same context, the Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, Ali Aoun, also received today, Sunday, the President and CEO of the Automotive Branch of the “Halil” complex, and the director of the “Opel” brand in Algeria, Nassim Ben Gharghoura. According to a statement by the Ministry, the Minister spoke with his guest about the three models that will be present at the event. Algerian market.

The minister considered that the prices of these models were “high,” stressing the need to reduce them to be within the reach of the middle class. He also called for supporting it with other models at a reasonable price.

For his part, the brand’s director in Algeria, Nassim Ben Gharghoura, confirmed that 4,000 Opel cars will enter Algeria before the end of this year.

The “Halil” complex, the authorized agent for the “Opel” car brand in Algeria, intends to launch the marketing process for the first vehicles next Wednesday.

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