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Toyota celebrates producing 300 million cars in 88 years! – Al-Murabba Net

Al-Murabba Net – Toyota’s journey with the world of cars began in August 1935, when it produced the first vehicle in its history, in the form of a pickup truck called the G1, knowing that the original Toyota company was established in 1926. It specialized at that time in manufacturing automatic sewing devices, before establishing a division. Dedicated to vehicle development in 1937.

This is the “Toyota Motor” division that we know today as the world-famous Toyota company… knowing that Toyota continues to manufacture automatic sewing devices to this day!, in the “Toyota Industries” division.

300 million cars…a hard-to-believe number

Toyota, Al Murabba Net

Toyota is now celebrating a very important milestone in its history, which is the building of 300 million cars over the course of 88 years. Although the announcement from Toyota was made today, the construction of the 300 millionth car in fact took place at the end of last September.

Toyota explained that it has built 180 million cars in its Japanese factories over the past nine decades, with 120 million cars built in its factories outside Japan.

Toyota, Al Murabba Net

Corolla is always at the top..

As expected, the Corolla remains the most successful car in the history of the iconic brand, with 53.39 million examples built since the car was introduced in 1966.

It is worth noting that Toyota was the best-selling car company in the world during 2022 after selling 10.5 million cars, and the RAV4 was the most successful and best-selling model in the world during 2022, according to data from the American JATO Dynamics Center.

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