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Toyota Land Cruiser GDJ76 unveiled as a new United Nations car – Cars, the first Arab automotive website

Cars – The new Toyota Land Cruiser GDJ76 has been unveiled. This car is known to be one of the cars that operates under the United Nations. The new model is based on the improved Land Cruiser 70 Series, which was unveiled shortly after the launch of the American version of the Toyota Land Cruiser.

The vehicle was designed by TGS, a Toyota dealership that specializes in building vehicles designed for export to humanitarian aid organizations. The most famous of these organizations is the United Nations, but cars are also purchased by Doctors Without Borders and the World Food Programme.

The GDJ76 is essentially the same as the Land Cruiser 70 WorkMate sold in Australia. Any semblance of convenience has been removed from the car, including the luxurious new 6.7-inch touchscreen that works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Most often, these vehicles are transported directly to conflict areas, so the entire focus is on reliability. That’s why the key features are part-time all-wheel drive, various air vents, manually locking hubs, and seating for 10 people. It can only be had in white, which is so basic that it doesn’t even have the car’s name on the back.

Instead of the 1HZ six-cylinder engine, the GDJ76 is powered by a Toyota GD-6 turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine. It is the same engine used in the Toyota Hilux GR Sport, albeit with a power of 201 horsepower. It is linked to a six-speed automatic transmission.

According to TGS, it uses 30% less fuel than models with six-cylinder engines. This saves the United Nations and other organizations like it millions of dollars in operation. It also meets all emissions legislation in the countries where it will inevitably operate.

For now, the HZJ76 with the six-cylinder engine will be sold alongside the new model. The most likely reason is that the older model is so reliable that it will take some time for customers to accept the change. This is also why the Civic Land Cruiser is still available with a turbocharged V8 diesel engine. This is despite the fact that the four-cylinder GD-6 is better in every way.

There is no pricing available because there are several factors at play. TGS mainly deals with bulk orders, and the tax depends on the country it is exported to. The first batch will be delivered to the United Nations in March.

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