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Toyota Land Cruiser may get a completely new hydrogen version – Al-Murabba Net

Al Murabba Net – Due to decisions to ban internal combustion engines and harmful emissions, brands have begun to turn to electric cars, and there are some companies that are investing in different options to maintain internal combustion engines, but without harmful emissions, such as Toyota and its big plans for various hydrogen engines, which seem to be on the verge of To arrive at the iconic Land Cruiser SUV.

During the launch of the new hydrogen version of the Toyota Hiace, Toyota revealed that there are some plans to launch a new hydrogen version of the luxurious Toyota Land Cruiser 300 in Australia, especially after the launch of the Hiace with the same 6-cylinder engine used in the Land Cruiser, but after making some modifications to make it compatible with burning hydrogen gas. compressed instead of gasoline.

Toyota Hiace hydrogen engine

Toyota, Al Murabba Net

Toyota introduced the hydrogen HiAce with a 3.5-liter turbo V6 engine with a power of 161 horsepower and 354 Nm of torque. The engine is connected to a 10-speed automatic transmission that transfers the movement to the rear-wheel drive system. By comparing this power with the basic version of the engine that runs on gasoline, we will find A significant decrease, as the gasoline engine generates 409 hp and 600 Nm.

In addition to the huge decrease in power and torque when running the same engine with hydrogen instead of gasoline in the Toyota Hiace, the hydrogen Hiace van faces another problem related to the range of movement, as although it has three hydrogen tanks with a total capacity of 141 liters, it does not exceed a distance of 200 liters. Kilometers per filling of hydrogen.

Toyota, Al Murabba Net

Low range of motion is not a big problem for Toyota Hiace, as this van is still under development, and it may get a hybrid system to enhance range of motion as well, in addition to many other experiments to increase power and torque while improving hydrogen consumption.

It is possible that the Toyota Land Cruiser will get the same engine in the future after improving and tuning its performance as much as possible, as Toyota does not rule out at the present time that the famous SUV will get a hydrogen version, so in this case the Land Cruiser will be offered with all possible engine options, with current options available between gasoline and diesel. With preparations for the fully electric version, and the hydrogen version, which is still under development at the present time.

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