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Toyota plans to launch the brand’s first electric truck in Thailand, as a taxi! – Al-Murabba Net

Al Muraba Net – Toyota controls a huge share of 34% of new car sales in Thailand, and the Japanese brand does not want to give up this percentage in favor of Chinese electric cars that have begun to spread in Thailand, so Toyota wants to accelerate the development of a new electric pickup truck for the Thai market. .

It is worth noting that nearly half of the vehicles sold in Thailand in 2022 were small trucks, which control the largest market share of sales, so Toyota will start with an electric small truck, which is expected to be an electric version of the Hilux Revo, or the IMV 0 concept truck. Completely new.

Toyota, Al Murabba Net

The debut of Toyota’s electric pickup truck in Thailand

There is no confirmed information about the truck that will turn into an electric truck yet, as Pras Ganesh, Executive Vice President of Toyota Daihatsu Engineering and Manufacturing in Thailand, stated that work is underway on a local electric truck, and a small group of electric pickup trucks will be deployed as taxis in Pattaya city in early 2024.

Ganesh added that Toyota is also considering testing other electric pickup trucks in delivery and freight transportation operations to ensure their efficiency to enhance the research and development capabilities of electric vehicles in Thailand, which is one of the most important global markets for the Japanese company.

Toyota, Al Murabba Net

It is worth noting that in Thailand, small pickup trucks are modified to become special vehicles for transporting passengers and are used as taxis, and this type of taxi is famous in many Southeast Asian countries.

Toyota, Al Murabba Net Toyota, Al Murabba Net Toyota, Al Murabba Net Toyota, Al Murabba Net

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