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Toyota produces the 300 millionth car after 88 years – Cars, the first Arab website for cars

Cars – Toyota is considered one of the giants in the world of cars, and the numbers speak for themselves. The Japanese automaker celebrated a significant milestone, announcing that it had achieved a cumulative global production of 300 million vehicles since its inception in 1935.

According to Toyota, this feat was achieved in 88 years and two months, from August 1935 until the end of September 2023. Of the 300 million units, 180.52 million units were produced in Japan, and the remaining 119.6 million were manufactured in other countries. .

The first of 300 million Toyota vehicles to be produced was the G1 truck, which rolled off the production line in August 1935. As expected, the best-selling vehicle in the Toyota lineup is the Corolla, with a cumulative global production of 53,399 million including September figures. 2023. The compact model, which is currently in its twelfth generation, will exceed the production mark of 50 million units in 2023.

Both Akio Toyota, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Koji Sato, CEO, issued statements regarding achieving production of 300 million cars. They thanked all Toyota employees, suppliers, dealers, stakeholders and customers for their contribution. Senior officials pointed to the difficult times that the company went through in the past, as it emerged from every crisis thanks to the love of customers and the dedication of Toyota employees.

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